Aleece Kreiner – An instrument engineer with a bright future

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Aleece Kreiner

And it all began while she was still a co-op student at her alma mater, Saginaw Valley State University. There she met Tiffany, a Kelly® recruiter, at a college job fair. Aleece was immediately impressed by Tiffany’s friendly and open demeanor, which was why she followed up on that initial meeting and sent in her résumé. It didn’t take long for Tiffany to ask Aleece if she’d be interested in a position as an instrument engineer at a major, global chemical company.



One week later, Tiffany secured an interview for Aleece with the company. Two weeks later, Kelly placed her on assignment at the company. Not surprisingly, Aleece is full of praise for the way Kelly helped her integrate into the company. Her on-site talent solutions manager, Marisa, was genuinely excited to be getting Aleece on the team and provided her with all the assistance she needed to get off to a great start.

Kelly and the company were jointly dedicated to her success. When Aleece entered the company, she was immediately paired with a peer mentor who proceeded to show her the ropes over the first few weeks. She now oversees a number of projects by herself and has the satisfaction of knowing her skills and knowledge add value to the company.

Listen to Aleece’s story in her own words.


Though Aleece had expected to work through Kelly for a couple of years before becoming a direct hire, it only took the company four months to offer her a position. Again, Marisa’s support was invaluable.

“Marisa was helpful, friendly, and involved,” Aleece says. “She gave me all the help I needed to make a successful transition.”

When asked what her plans are for the future, Aleece smiles and says that she loves what she’s doing now. She explains that she wants to grow into her role and see where her strengths take her.

“Basically, I just want to be the best instrument engineer I can be,” she says with pride.

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