Quiz – what’s your work style?

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Do you always like to have everything neatly planned out? Or do you follow your intuition and look for improvements wherever possible? Or are you always focused on getting to the end goal?

Knowing your work style is critical to ramping up your performance and advancing your career. Take this short quiz to find out what your work style is — as well as get some pointers on how to maximize your strengths.

1. When you’re given an assignment, what’s the first thing you do?

A.  I break it down into all the different parts that need to be completed and determine who can contribute to make it a success.

B.  I brainstorm to see if I can approach it in an innovative way.

C.  I think about how to make the assignment as beneficial as possible to all involved.

2. What do you prefer?

A.  Attending a networking event.

B.  Designing a new process or solution.

C.  Negotiating with a client.

3. Which would you feel most comfortable helping a colleague with?

A.  Collecting resources to complete a report.

B.  Improving an existing workflow.

C.  Making a SWOT analysis for a project.

Interpreting the results

If you primarily answered A, you’re an organizer. You’ve very good at breaking large projects down into smaller steps so they can be completed on time. You’re also great at making connections with people and bringing in the right people for the job. To enhance your considerable talents, try taking on progressively bigger projects — for example organizing a presentation for a client or even a conference on behalf of your company.

If you primarily answered B, you’re a pioneer. You’re always looking to push the envelope. You’re without a doubt the person everyone comes to for out-of-the-box thinking, process improvements, and innovation. To maximize your potential, keep enhancing your current skills, since they’re the tools that enable your creativity. You could even step outside of your field of expertise to learn new skills. And keep taking on assignments that challenge you to find new ways of thinking.

If you primarily answered C, you’re a closer. You’re the person everyone on the team relies on to see the big picture and bring projects to a satisfactory close. You’re great at identifying strengths and weaknesses, as well as seeing what needs to be done to optimize projects. You also have an innate understanding of what consumers and clients want, and you’re a good negotiator. To improve your abilities, it’s a good idea to study business leaders in your field by reading their blog posts, articles, and books, as well as watching videos and listening to interviews. It’s also advisable to ask for stretch assignments at work. If this isn’t possible, try looking for a volunteer position where you can practice your considerable skills.

If you chose a mix of A, B, and C, you’re a mix of the three work styles, and all of the above advice can help your multi-talented approach to work become even stronger and more productive.

Whether you’re an organizer, a pioneer, a closer, or some mix of the three, remember that your talents and skills are best utilized when they dovetail with those of your coworkers. That way, each project receives the best efforts of your entire team — and that in turn enhances your collective performance and productivity.

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