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If you’re a young person thinking about your future career, you’re probably drawn to a specific industry such as IT or healthcare based on your skills and interest. However, before pursuing any training for a specific occupation or applying for a job, it’s important to first determine whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert and then assess whether the job requirements are a good fit for your personality type.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

According to Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D. in her Psychology Today article titled “Nine Signs You’re Really an Introvert,” introverts enjoy having time to themselves and often do their best work when they’re alone. While they don’t necessarily isolate themselves, they usually avoid the spotlight and initiate less interaction than extroverts.

Extroverts, on the other hand, are social and outgoing. In his Forbes article titled “Starting Your Career: Advice for Millennial Extroverts,” Karl Moore, Ph.D. points out that extroverts like to share their ideas, as well as receive and give feedback. Their outgoing nature and ability to interact with others enables many to navigate even the most complicated office politics.

Jobs for introverts

If you’re an introvert, then you’ll do well in a job where you can work independently to create things, do research, or solve challenges. Some of the best jobs for introverts include:

  • Graphic designer: Do you enjoy creating visually engaging images? With a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, you can earn upwards of $47,000 a year; more if you’re extremely talented and/or have a lot of work experience.
  • Statistician: If you enjoy working with numbers, why not become a statistician? Thanks to big data analytics, these professionals are in increasing demand. With a master’s degree in statistics or mathematics, you can earn approximately $80,500 per year.
  • Clinical lab technician: Are you fascinated by the world of chemicals and biologics? With an associate degree or certificate (and in some states a license), you can earn over $50,000 as a clinical lab technicial.

Jobs for extroverts

As an extrovert, you’ll enjoy a job that offers a lot of interaction with others, whether that’s as a provider of services, team member, instructor, or leader. Here are some of the top jobs for extroverts:

  • Social media specialist: This relatively new occupation is every true extrovert’s dream! You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in public relations or communications, as well as an in-depth understanding of social media. An average salary for a social media specialist is almost $57,000.
  • Registered nurse: If you enjoy helping others, becoming a registered nurse could be the right job for you. You’ll need a diploma from an accredited nursing school, or alternatively, a bachelor’s or associate degree in nursing. In addition, you’ll need a license from the state where you’re working. You can expect an annual income of more than $68,000.
  • Training and development manager: If you’re in your element when teaching other professionals, then you should definitely consider becoming a training and development manager. With a bachelor’s or master’s degree and relevant work experience, you can earn approximately $106,000 per year—more if you offer training that’s in high demand.

Of course, regardless of whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, there are numerous other occupations to choose from. Nevertheless, it’s essential to be aware of the work style and types of responsibilities that best fit your personality type. That way, you can greatly increase the chances you’ll choose an occupation that will offer you a long, successful, and rewarding career.



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