What’s next for you?

Preparing for Your Next Position

At some point, you’ll inevitably want to start looking for your next role or assignment. When that time comes, just know you already have access to the tools and resources you’ll need to get started.

But you don’t need to wait until your current position is close to ending. If you’re on top of your career, you’ll take opportunities now to begin your advancement.

Every time you learn something new, gain more experience or start a new position, you’ve already begun the journey to your next advancement.

Career Advancement

Kelly Talent Learning Center (KTLC)
Employees get free access to thousands of courses, videos, books, audiobooks, and other learning content. We’ve partnered with Skillsoft, a learning platform vendor, to create this fabulous opportunity for our employees to get serious about their career advancement.
Begin exploring the KTLC now to meet your career learning goals.

Kelly Talent Learning Center

While your primary resource for job searching will be our Find Jobs page, your personal home page gives you access to other ways to manage your job search.

Job Alerts
Job alerts allow you to receive jobs based on your selected criteria. These jobs are displayed on your home page and delivered to your inbox.

You can sign up for unlimited job alerts using any combination of filters or criteria. This allows your search to continue even when you're doing other things.
Sign Up for Job Alerts

Save Jobs
Your personal home page allows you to view your saved jobs. This feature helps you focus and home in on potential opportunities without having to sort through all the details or get sidetracked. Or, maybe you find jobs you may be interested in and want to return to them later. Just save it!

View Applications
You can view jobs you’ve already applied to on your personal home page. When sending out applications en masse, losing track of which position you’ve applied for is easy. Now, these are tracked automatically.

Our Recruitment Process

With many companies and agencies, we know sending in applications feels like you’ve thrown it into a black hole.

We hope to remedy this frustration by giving you an inside look at our recruitment process.

Learn more about Kelly Recruitment. 

Job-Seeking Stages

Many see the job search process as one overwhelming and stressful endeavor. However, at Kelly, we see job-seeking as an opportunity - many opportunities, in fact!

When you break down the job search into its various stages, you’ll see there are substantial differences to take advantage of - and benefit from.

You can take tasks one step at a time. Focus on what’s needed or required, and only learn and prepare for what’s essential to that stage.

These stages are:

  1. Job-Searching
  2. Applying for Jobs
  3. Interviewing
  4. Networking
  5. Considering Options
  6. Negotiation
  7. Starting New Positions
Career Advice

Our career advice content seeks to share expert knowledge with those on the job-search journey, or for those looking to advance their career. Our industry insiders have a lot of expertise in their job areas - which is difficult (and often impossible) to find elsewhere.

View Career Advice content.

Help & Support

We’ve put together these Help & Support pages specifically for those engaged in the job search process. We’ve provided a few links above for you, but there’s much more. So go ahead, explore, and learn more about Kelly and the road to your next position.

Explore Help & Support.