Working with Kelly

Your Kelly Promise

Kelly promises to fully support those who choose temporary work.

At Kelly, Support = Partnership

At Kelly, we define support through our responsibility to those searching for a better way to work and live.

And we believe partnership is the best way to pursue, achieve, and deliver the level of support you deserve. For us, a partnership based on support is the only path to meaningful and lasting success.

Through the coming years, Kelly will continue to innovate and find ways to be your best partner - to meet the ever-changing circumstances in your life and our economies. We’ve been working hard and have many things in store for you. So if you like what you see now - we can’t wait until you hear about what’s coming.

Our Promise, in Five

We don’t intend to have you slog your way through a lengthy presentation of how our promise impacts every work-related detail and future improvements.

For example, the new (this site) is the latest expression of our promise. And myKelly’s enhanced job search experience and personalized opportunities are only the groundwork. We’re developing more applications and features for this site.

We look forward to revealing these to you soon. But for now, you can learn more about myKelly’s features to explore here.

But, If a partnership is going to work, you’ve got to be upfront and explicit about expectations. Therefore, we can best express that responsibility to you using these five critical areas.

Five areas that confirm our promise and responsibility:

We actively maintain high standards of workplace safety, data privacy, and fair pay.


We recognize your value as a flexible/temporary worker – and, more importantly, as a person. We expect our clients to do the same.


We support your well-being through a variety of ways to work, perks, and work-related resources.

Learn more about Kelly’s Benefits in the US or Canada.


We invest our time, expertise, and resources in providing you with valuable work experiences and professional development.

Learn more about your professional development at the Kelly Talent Learning Center.

Get Career Advice for specific stages of the job-seeking process and read job-specific search advice from industry experts.


We continually expand the number and quality of our job openings, creating new opportunities for you to thrive throughout your career.

Use our Job Search Filters to find exactly what you’re looking for.

So, as you join us in exploring new, modern ways to work, know that we’re here for you - and we’ll equip you with what you need to grow and thrive. Helping you discover what’s next is what we’re all about.

Keep reading to learn more about Kelly’s commitment to you, one another, and our global community.


Standing up for what’s right

Today, numerous barriers can make it difficult—or even impossible—to attain enriching work. Rarely challenged, these obstacles leave many people excluded from the workforce.

At Kelly, we’re dedicated to building a more inclusive workforce. One where equitable access to work and growth for those who seek it is a reality—not a distant target.

And we understand that simply participating in the dialogue isn’t enough. There’s a lot to accomplish. That’s why we won’t rest until we eliminate these barriers.

Everyone deserves the opportunity for meaningful work - that’s what equity at work is all about.

To start, we’re focusing on these five untapped talent pools.

Second Chance Talent - nearly 33% of our working-age population has a criminal record in the US.

Neurodiverse Talent - innovation happens when we surround ourselves with people who think differently.

Veterans - two out of three American veterans are underemployed - even those with valuable, market-ready skills.

Early and Late-Career Talent - companies that employ younger and older workers benefit from diverse intergenerational perspectives and experiences.

Women - Kelly was born (in 1946) and built because of new opportunities for connecting women to work amid the postwar economic boom. And Kelly remains dedicated to overcoming barriers women face in the workforce.

Visit Equity@Work to learn more and get the facts about our commitment to these challenges.

Corporate Sustainability

Since our founding in 1946, Kelly has embodied the true spirit of corporate sustainability, and we are committed to the highest standards of corporate citizenship.

Service, Integrity, and Personal Responsibility

Our culture and values are rooted in service, integrity, and personal responsibility for our actions, outcomes, and reputation. In addition, we consider sustainability a guiding principle in strengthening the relationship with our global workforce, suppliers, and customers.

Given the worldwide span of our workers, clients, suppliers, and partners, we recognize the global reach of our business practices and public accountability.

We encourage participation across our organization and will work with external stakeholders to continually advocate on behalf of the global workforce, improve our workplaces, contribute to the communities we serve, and ensure our actions are socially, ethically, and environmentally responsible.

Please visit Corporate Sustainability at Kelly to learn more about our sustainability initiatives, strategy, governance, awards, and impacts.

Absolute Zero Program

Our vision to provide the world’s best workforce solutions requires us to pursue continuous improvement toward Absolute Zero – zero on-the-job accidents, zero on-the-job injuries, and zero on-the-job illnesses.

Each of us must take personal responsibility for our own safety and the safety of our co-workers and those for whom we are responsible.

Safe behavior requires an alignment of interests with our customers, employees, and suppliers. We expect all Kelly customers, employees, contractors, and suppliers to:

  • Comply with, if not exceed, all applicable safety, health, and security regulations;
  • Promote a culture that fosters open dialog on working conditions;
  • Hold all employees personally responsible for safety and health compliance;
  • Engage in collaborative and effective safety partnerships, and
  • Continually assess worksites to ensure a safe work environment.

Ensuring workplace safety and health must be constants in our business. Therefore, we’ll pursue nothing less than Absolute Zero.