Substitute Teaching Job Requirements

Photo of teacher facing students while demonstrating with hands

Reading Time: 4 minutes How do I figure out the requirements for substitute teaching in my state? Do I need a teaching license? Get expert guidance in navigating the substitute teaching requirements in your state. If you’re just beginning your journey toward work as a substitute teacher, congratulations! It’s a rewarding position where you can really make a difference,…

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6 Soft Skills Contact Center Hiring Managers Want

Photo of four workstations with chairs, keyboards, monitors, and headsets that appear to be in a call center environment

Reading Time: 3 minutes Customer service as we know it has changed. It’s no longer regarded as just a channel for customers to resolve issues. Customer service has evolved into a strategic part of a company’s brand. Now it’s considered to be a fundamental touchpoint for customers – with agents front and center representing the company’s values, approach to…

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4 Things to Consider Before Applying for Your Next Tech Job

Technical professional with two laptops and a large screen reviewing data

Reading Time: 2 minutes Tech hiring isn’t slowing down anytime soon. For the first five months of 2022, nearly 2.2 million tech jobs were advertised. That’s a shocking 52% increase versus the same period of the previous year. This means there are plenty of options for professionals in the technology industry interested in growing their careers, finding new employers,…

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Proving Your Value if You’re Self-taught

Young profesional sitting in bright office at workstation

Reading Time: 3 minutes Imagine: you’re an administrative assistant, and you want to apply for a job that requires project management skills. You don’t have formal training in this field, but you’ve studied books on project management and you have some experience.  In fact, you even managed two successful fundraising campaigns for a local charity. But now you’re wondering…

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Tailoring Your Resume to the Job

Photo zoomed in of hands holding a resume and a red ink pen

Reading Time: 2 minutes Are you looking for a new job? Then it’s important to understand that using an overly general résumé is a glaring Achilles’ heel when you’re applying for a position. It can even lead to you being passed over for jobs for which you’re fully qualified.  The following checklist offers practical advice on tailoring your résumé…

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The Advantages of Hiring a Veteran

Reading Time: < 1 minutes Our Chief Recruiting Officer, Dan Turner, knows there are advantages to hiring a veteran; generations of his own family have been honored to serve. As Dan explains, beyond their unparalleled commitment to protecting our country, veterans have distinct qualities that make them ideal for a variety of positions

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Top Engineering Skill Sets and Certifications

Engineer working in front of muilple screens displaying wind turbines and other metorlogical diagrams

Reading Time: 2 minutes Engineers are in high demand. The average unemployment for engineering professionals stands at a mere 2.9 percent, while for all occupations, that number is 3.7 percent. What’s more: There are three times as many open engineering jobs as there are candidates. So what are some of the most important trends regarding skill sets and certifications…

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What Finance Hiring Managers Check

Recruiter searching for candidates on laptop

Reading Time: 2 minutes Finance and accounting professionals enjoy a good job outlook, with many companies competing for top talent. But when you’re in the market for a new job, it’s still important to know the best way to package your skills and accomplishments. Keep the following tips in mind:   Your résumé is your most important calling card.  In…

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Tips for keeping track of your job applications

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Looking for a new job takes time, patience, and perseverance. Vicki Salemi reports in her Monster article titled “How long does it really take to get a job?” that on average, it takes applicants five months to land a new job. So it’s not unusual to send out more than 10 applications before you’re called…

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Asking for references: Do’s & don’ts

Reading Time: 3 minutes   You’ve applied for an awesome job with a great employer. Your first interview went well. Your second interview went gangbusters. And now you’re excitedly waiting for an offer of employment! But the offer never materializes. After week or so, you receive an email stating the company has hired another candidate. You’re confused: what could…

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