Every day, Dr. Kristin Fabre loves her job.

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Kristin Fabre
This scientific program manager earned her graduate degree in Cell and Molecular Biology with an emphasis on Radiation Biology from Colorado State University, and became a postdoctoral researcher at the National Cancer Institute®. While there, Dr. Fabre realized she wanted to work in a translational field setting: the area of science that bridges the gaps between fundamental and applied science. It was then that she met a Kelly recruiter for the life sciences industry.



The relationship with her Kelly recruiter proved to be a major turning point for Dr. Fabre’s career. “Working with Kelly brought me opportunities, career growth, and the ability to see what kind of jobs were out there,” Dr. Fabre says. “The recruiter was engaging, kind, and encouraging. Once I had an idea of my ideal career trajectory, I reached out to her about how to get my foot in the door for certain types of jobs.” Using the set of criteria Dr. Fabre provided, the Kelly recruiter was able to narrow down the search to specific positions until she found the perfect match: an opening for a scientific program manager on the Tissue Chip Program at the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, recently established by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

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Two years into this Kelly assignment, Dr. Fabre’s job involves working with investigators who’ve been awarded grants from the Tissue Chip Program, also known as the “Organs on Chips” program. The project aims to develop a new tool to help with drug discovery by creating tissue chips that essentially mimic human physiology and are intended to one day significantly reduce the use of animal models. As a scientific program manager, Dr. Fabre is hands-on when it comes to the science, initiatives, obstacles, and needs of the program. Additionally, she helps investigators network to establish collaborations they can use throughout the program. What she finds especially fascinating are the monthly updates from the investigators who report on the progress of these Organs on Chips.

“It’s like every day, sci-fi comes to life,” she says.

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