Do I need a resume to become a substitute teacher?

Teacher in front of classroom of students

Reading Time: 3 minutes Looking for meaningful work that fits around your busy schedule? If you become a substitute teacher, you can have the best of both worlds — a flexible position that positively impacts your community. At Kelly Education, we connect motivated individuals with substitute teacher jobs across the country.  Updating your application materials is one of the…

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How much do substitute teachers get paid?

A teacher in a classroom with students raising their hands.

Reading Time: 3 minutes   If you are considering becoming a substitute teacher, congratulations! It’s one of the most rewarding jobs out there.  You might be wondering just how much do substitute teachers get paid and do they get any other benefits? Good questions to ask as compensation is an important part of why most people go to work!…

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Why military veterans should consider becoming a substitute teacher.

A teacher welcomes students in front of a classroom door.

Reading Time: 3 minutes   Working in schools is rewarding work that requires a service mindset. It’s filled with people who want to make a difference and impact on the future. This is just one of many reasons why U.S. military veterans should consider becoming a substitute teacher.  At Kelly Education, we know that people who have served our…

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What are substitute teacher duties and responsibilities?

A teacher among elementary students, explaining a lesson with some materials.

Reading Time: 3 minutes   There are few jobs quite as rewarding as teaching. Becoming a substitute teacher is a great way to experience to feel fulfilled, but on your own terms and schedule.  Many people are surprised to hear that you don’t need a degree in education to become a substitute teacher. Substitute teachers come from all walks…

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Top six reasons to become a substitute teacher.

A teacher helping a student in the classroom.

Reading Time: 3 minutes   Teachers take time off for many reasons, and when they do, substitute teachers step up to lead their classrooms. Can you picture yourself there? Maybe you’re a retiree, college student, a recent graduate, a community member, a military veteran, or a professional with extra time to spare. Now may be the right time to…

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Top lesson plans for substitute teachers in elementary school.

substitute teacher sharing lesson plans with elementary students

Reading Time: 6 minutes Being prepared for nearly anything is an important attribute for substitute teachers. When teachers aren’t able to leave detailed lesson plans for substitute teachers, you’ll want to keep students engaged. Whether serving in a short- or long-term role, having a few backup lesson plans in your pocket is key. Need a few ideas? We’ve compiled…

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Thriving from Anywhere: A Guide to Remote Jobs

A woman sitting on the stairs with a laptop, talking on the phone.

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Embark on a journey to discover the limitless opportunities remote jobs offer, allowing you to work from any corner of the globe. Exploring the landscape of remote work The remote work revolution has reshaped the job market, offering unprecedented flexibility and autonomy. As technology advances, the boundaries of traditional office settings are dissolving, and…

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