Experts Unplugged: Riley Feser, Cell Culture Associate

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Meet Riley Feser, a Biology master’s graduate whose journey from Canada to the United States exemplifies resilience and talent. Facing challenges in securing a job due to visa restrictions, Riley’s unique background and unwavering determination caught the attention of our recruiter, Erlin Golubski.

“Riley was so easy to talk to and had very strong communication skills. That’s why he was the first person I thought of when this position came up, because I knew he was qualified and would get back to me right away,” Erlin recounted. “I wish everyone could have a relationship like this with their candidates. It doesn’t end when the position is filled, we keep in communication and maintain our relationship. I want my candidates to be able to come to me with any questions about their current role, career development, or progression.”

Riley echoed Erlin’s thoughts when he explained that honest and great communication are the keywords that stand out for him when he thinks of Erlin. “It’s kind of just a two-way street the whole way through and I’d say it’s worked out super well!” shared Riley.

Check out the full transcript of Riley’s story below.

Career Thus Far

“My career thus far has been a bit of a different experience. I graduated with my master’s degree on August 3rd, 2022. My girlfriend got into optometry school in Philadelphia so it’s a bit of a hike from us being from central Canada, about a 30-hour drive. I needed some type of Visa placement and I searched online and did what everybody would to find a work placement, and I only spoke to the computer screen. I never got to be in touch with an actual person. They saw I needed a visa, and jobs would just kind of turn me away that point. Eventually, Erlin contacted me through Indeed, and the process was as smooth as ever. She always told me what was going on the proper way, whether it be good or bad. Communication was always quick and easy. When we’d been talking for a bit, she said she had an opportunity at a big pharmaceutical company.

What was the hiring process like?

“The process was really good. Erlin got me set up with the interviewers and got me got me the job where I am today.

What do you do as a Cell Culture Associate?

“I’m a cell culture associate, so basically anything cell-related, I provide the cells. Back in my master’s program, I was focused on breast cancer. Not only do I work with breast cancer cell lines here, I work with endless amount of cancer cell lines. I also work with different types of digestive diseases and cognitive issues, basically anything that’s up and coming. If they have some insights and want to move forward with combating that illness, I’ll provide the cells for that. Whether it’s some type of protein, growth factor, or cellular mechanism we’re after, this will be kind of the first step of surging into that into detail and seeing how we can carry that forward.

What was your experience like working with Kelly Science & Clinical?

“Kelly was really straight-forward with me. I’d obviously tried to find employment after school and it’s a lot easier said than done that’s for sure. You have people inboxing you all the time about job opportunities, you always see job opportunities online on LinkedIn and Indeed, but to actually move forward with that process and get that first interview is an uphill battle to say the least. But I could speak with Kelly and it was quite easy. From the honesty back and forth between me and my recruiter, there was always constant communication whether it be good news or bad news. And that kind of led us to where we are today. I’d really recommend Kelly to anybody.


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