Submitting Your Time/Hours

Time Recording Policy and Meal and Rest State-Specific Laws

Kelly employees must record all actual hours worked, no more and no less. This may include recording and reporting time for activities such as logging on to a customer’s system, putting on/taking off protective gear, etc.

When submitting your total hours worked to Kelly, include daily in and out times, meal in/out times (where available), and also submit your time to Kelly within the time requirements. If instructed not to record or report all actual hours worked for any reason, you must immediately notify the Employee Service Center at 866.KELLY.4U (535.5948).

Some states have strict laws regarding taking meals and rest periods. For example:

  • If your meal or rest period is interrupted or missed,
  • Or you are unable to record and report all actual hours worked,
  • Then you must immediately notify the Employee Service Center at 866.KELLY.4U (535.5948). Refer to the States with Meal or Meal/Rest Requirements chart to understand your rights.


  • Employees in California who are prevented from taking a meal and/or rest period must complete the Notice of Involuntarily Missed Meal and/or Rest Periods – English or Spanish forms.
  • Employees in Washington may voluntarily waive their right to meal periods by signing the First Meal Period Waiver and Second Meal Period Waiver forms.

Kelly customers may use various timekeeping systems (e.g., card swipe systems and web-based systems). Please follow the instructions for submitting your time as explained by your Kelly Representative. Ensuring that the customer approves your time is your responsibility.

Standard timekeeping methods you may use are:

Kelly Web Time

Kelly Web Time is an online timekeeping system that allows you to enter your timesheets through the Internet. The system is fast and easy to use.

To log on to Kelly Web Time, click here or access the Bullhorn Time & Expense app from your phone's app store. Note: Kelly Educational Staffing employees use the links below under Managing Your Kelly Education Schedule.

Managing Your Kelly Education Schedule

Kelly is your employer of record - not the district or school system. However, the tools you use to manage your assignments depend on how each district has arranged its services with Kelly. You'll use one - not all - of the online tools below to manage your schedule:

  • Frontline Absence Management (formerly Aesop)
  • Red Rover
  • SmartFind Express

Frontline Absence Management

Frontline is a scheduling system that substitute educators can use to connect to an assigned school district. When a district employee enters an absence, it will appear as an open job that you can select.

Manage your work, days off, and preferences for covering specific staff members, schools, or grade levels all in one spot!

Frontline Login 

Substitute Employee Guide

This guide will show you how to:

  • Access the system via phone or the internet
  • Find and accept an assignment
  • View your schedule
  • Respond when the system calls you
  • Change your profile/update your personal information
  • Obtain assistance

View the Frontline Substitute Employee Guide

Accessing Absence Management - This short video walks through some of the basics of the Frontline Absence Management System. You'll learn how to access the system, how to view/accept/cancel a job, add a non-work day, and how to record your time for payroll purposes.

SmartFind Express

SmartFind Express is another absence management tool that some district customers use to view and accept assignments. If you are supporting a school that uses SmartFind, we will provide you with login credentials and training so you can successfully use the system.

Red Rover

Red Rover is another absence management tool that some district customers use to view and accept assignments. If you are supporting a school that has elected to use Red Rover as their technology tool of choice, we will not only provide you with login credentials but also additional training and support so you can successfully pick up assignments.

Red Rover:

Please see our Red Rover Basics for Substitutes Guide for additional information and instructions on using Red Rover successfully.

Track KE Healthcare Training

To ensure KE Healthcare employees (i.e., school nurse/nurse aide) are paid properly for time spent completing the annual online training requirements, you must download and complete the Acknowledgment form via the link below. E-mail or fax the completed form to your local Kelly branch once you have completed the training.

View Acknowledgement