2024 Salary Report for Science & Clinical Professionals

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In 2024, science and clinical hiring managers are no longer seeking to just fill roles. Instead, we’re seeing an increased desire to hire qualified and reliable talent quickly. And while wage growth is slowing across the U.S., salaries remain on the rise for in-demand roles. The number of people employed in biotechnology increased by 5.2% in the past five years and will continue adding 10,600 jobs each year until 2032. The demand for data scientists continues to surge, reflecting the growing relevance of data analysis in scientific research. Employers’ expectations are evolving along with these trends, with a heightened emphasis on professional recognition and certification. 

High-demand skills & certifications garner high wages.

Throughout the country, these in-demand skills are the most sought after:

  • Laboratory technicians
  • Clinical research
  • Data science
  • Chemists
  • Field technicians

Companies are aggressively seeking talent with specific certifications, particularly those related to security clearances, hazardous materials management, and GCP/GLP regulations. Add the following certifications to your toolkit to land the most competitive roles.

  • Security clearance
  • Good clinical practice/good laboratory practice
  • OSHA certification
  • Certification in ethics

Only 15% of qualified scientific candidates typically have the latest requirements, which is why we offer resources to our team members like the Kelly Learning Center giving them the opportunity to get a leg up on the competition.

Partner with an expert in your work specialty.

While opportunities are plentiful, there will be some hurdles to jump. Factors like inflation and slower job openings might make competition stiffer. Focus on boosting your resume via added skills and certifications, and partnering with an industry expert like Kelly Science & Clinical.

Want more information on how Kelly can work with you to support your science or clinical career? Explore the roles we’re actively recruiting for now, or join our talent pool to submit your credentials to our recruiters without applying for a specific job. 



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