The 2024 Job Market Outlook for Technology Professionals

Reading Time: 4 minutes The tech sector today is like a living, breathing organism, where technology itself is now evolving faster than the IT job market. With so many changes and innovations happening at light speed, it’s critical for job seekers to stay ahead of the curve—and the future of technology roles in 2024 may surprise you.  According to…

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The 2024 Job Market Outlook for Engineering Professionals

Reading Time: 4 minutes Engineering offers some of the most advanced and innovative work available today. Ready to make a change in your career? The job market is always evolving, so stay informed and make the best decision you can for your area of expertise. Read on for some insight and tips from the experts at hiring experts.  The…

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Veteran Employee Stories

American flag waving in the wind

Reading Time: 6 minutes   Colton Ledford Columbia, Missouri Military branch: Missouri National Guard Current role: On-Site Account Talent Manager     Colton Ledford joined Kelly in the fall of 2016. He works in our Partnered Staffing operations as an on-site account talent manager, supporting one customer’s two locations. Prior to joining Kelly he worked as a project lead…

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Gene Guilkey’s story is a study in grit and determination.

Car factory production line

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s also a study in how reinventing yourself can lead to new and exciting life chapters—and how Gene’s relationship with Kelly made this possible. A senior airman in the U.S. Air Force during the 1980s, Gene did what most parents would do: he put his family ahead of himself, and resumed his education only after…

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Jennifer Simmons – A mother’s story

Reading Time: < 1 minutes “I wanted to go back into what I had been doing before, working as a research associate…I got a call from Kelly, had my interview, and the very next day they said, ‘We’d really like to hire you.’”  We place a scientific professional every 13 minutes. Let us help with what’s next for you.

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Siphan Phan – A Soldier’s Story

Reading Time: < 1 minutes “The work experience…they really helped me out. I honor them so much.”  We hire nearly 10,000 veterans and military spouses every year. Let us help with what’s next for you.

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4 Reasons to Consider Being a Government Contractor

Four professionals conversing on the steps of a government building

Reading Time: 2 minutes Contracting with the federal government offers a few perks and benefits you typically can’t get working for a private company.  Competitive pay Expedited access to opportunities Stability Engagement in a meaningful mission While you can find these items sporadically in the private sector, you’ll get them with nearly every federal government contracting position. So if…

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Do I Have What It Takes to Work in Education?

Woman sitting on window sill reflecting

Reading Time: 5 minutes Find out what skills work best in today’s education jobs. So much variety and opportunity in education. Do you have talents best suited for jobs in education? Even though the unique qualities needed to work effectively with students are pretty similar, the roles available in education are diverse.  First, consider how many different sectors there…

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