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Paystub, eT4, & eRL1

Access ePaystub for eT4 and eRL1

Are you looking for information about your candidate or employee experience with Kelly?

You can now access employment and candidate tools, information, and resources on your myKelly home page.

After signing in, candidates and employees can:

  • Change personal profile information.
  • Access resumes and applications.
  • Submit your time and hours.
  • Manage your schedules.
  • Access paystubs, tax, and earnings info.
  • View employment policies, laws. and programs.
  • Access info, tools, and resources related to benefits, perks, and discounts.

Sign in to your myKelly home page below to access this information.

Use the get started button if you have not signed up and created a profile.

If you're already signed in, use the quick links below to jump to your destination. And be sure to explore the different tabs and resources available to you. This will help you find information more quickly in the future.

Changing Personal Information

From your personal home page, click on your icon in the upper right corner. Here you’ll find links to make updates and changes. You can also manage your job alerts.

General Information

Your personal home page lets you view your saved jobs and provides links to other pages containing valuable resources like benefits and payroll information, what to expect during recruitment, and working with Kelly. Be sure to check these out.

Submitting Time and Hours

Employees only: From your personal home page, click the TIME & SCHEDULE icon to find information and direct links for submitting your time or hours worked.

Managing Schedules

Employees only: For Kelly Education assignments, go to your personal home page, and click the TIME & SCHEDULE icon to find links to scheduling management tools like Frontline.

Paystubs & Earnings Info

Employees only: From your personal home page, click the GETTING PAID icon to find information and links to ePaystubs, earnings documents, and other payroll resources.

Employment Policies, Laws & Programs

Kelly operates in accordance with all applicable federal, provincial, and/or local policies. Additionally, Kelly provides access to all required and relevant policies, plus Kelly’s own organizational policies and related programs.

From your personal home page, click the RESOURCES icon to view policies, laws, and programs related to working with Kelly and province-specific labour information.

Accessing Benefits, Perks, & Discounts

Candidates will find general information about Kelly's benefits, perks, and discounts within the Working with Kelly topic. Employees will find more detailed information and direct links to access and manage benefits, perks, and discounts by visiting your personal home page and clicking the BENEFITS icon.

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